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Nouns :-

A noun is a naming word. It is a part of speech and can be defined as a name of a person, place, animal, bird, feeling or thing.

Person - The name of a person : Divya, Sonali etc.
Place - The name of a place : Mumbai, Pune etc.
Animal/Bird - The name of a animal or bird : Dog, Cat etc.
Thing - The name of a thing : Laptop, Cable etc.
Feeling - The name of an idea : happiness, excitement etc.

Different types of nouns

There are different types of nouns:

1. An abstract noun names an idea, event, quality, or concept (freedom, love, courage...) Concrete nouns name something recognizable through the sense (table, dog, house...)

2. Animate nouns refer to a person, animal, or other creature (man, elephant, chicken...) An inanimate noun refers to a material object (stone, wood, table...)

3. A collective noun describes a group of things or people as a unit (family, flock, audience...)

4. Common noun is the name of a group of similar things (table, book, window...) Proper nouns, however, refer to the name of a single person, place or thing (John, Joseph, London...)

5. Compound nouns refer to two or more nouns combined to form a single noun (sister-in-law, schoolboy, fruit juice)

6. Countable (Count) nouns :- have a singular and a plural form. In plural, these nouns can be used with a number- they can be counted. (friends, chairs, houses, boys...)
Uncountable (Non Count) nouns, however, can only be used in singular. They can't be counted. (money,coffee ect)

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