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Welcome to LikhoPadho.com - a complete educational Website. Our mission is to improve the practice of continuous learning. Here we offer you many practice exercises and lessons that empower learners to study at their own. It include grammar for beginners in Hindi, Marathi and Sanskrit.

We will be providing you simple tricks to solve difficult problems of maths by simple high speed Vedic Maths Concept.

Just explore the world of knowledge and share your feedback if any.

Our Team

Sanskrit is a beautiful contextual language. It is called “Dev Bhasha” the language of the soul. Here, meanings of the words must come from the heart, from direct experience.

Santosh Porwal (MA. Sanskrit)

It's like what I taught my student offline, and now willing to do the same as online.

Sharada Virwadekar (BA, B.Ed, Retired Teacher)

Hindi is our national language. I am proud to give lessons and practice papers to enhance the knowledge of Hindi.

Rashmi Dilip Gupta (Bsc, MA. English)

I love writing, and when specially come for Marathi I am addicted to it.

Shilpa Ravi Kumar Lal (B.E, Electronics)
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