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Conjunction Words

What is Conjunctions ?
Ans : - Conjunctions are the linking words which join words, group of words or two or more sentences.

List of Conjuntions and their Examples

1. and 

This conjunction links words or phrases that are similar in sense or when two activities are going on together.
For example 

i. He fell off a horse and hurt his leg.
ii. She tried her best and succeded. 

2.  but/yet

These conjunctions are used to join the words or group of words to express opposition or constrast between two statement.
For example

i. Her writing is good but her spellings are weak.
ii. Rahul was ill yet studied hard.

3. or

This conjunction is used to express a choice between two or more alternatives.
For example

i. You can walk up to the temple or go there by a helicopter
ii. Be regular or you may miss an important class.

4. because/as/since 

These conjunctions are used to state a reason for something.
For example

i. He remains cheerful because he is pure of heart.
ii. Suneet is very sad since he has lost his books.
iii. I got up late as I didn't have a sound sleep late night.

5. If/unless

These conjunctions are used to state a condition.
For example

i. If the train doesn't halt, we will reach on time.
ii. You will not be granted leave unless you applu in time.

6. So 

It is used to state the result or consequences of something.
For example

i. I was feeling hot so I switched on the Air Conditioner.
ii He worked hard so he performed well in the exam.

7. Although, though

Like but,  although and though can also be used to express a contrast.
For example

i. Although he works very hard, he doesnot get good marks.
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