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Definition of Adjective

A word that describes a noun is called an adjective. An adjective mostly comes before the noun. 
For example, adjectives can give us infornation about :
Quality :  a rainy day
Age : an old man 
Shape : a round table
Size : a big room
Temperature : a hot day 
Colour : a black cat

Kinds of Adjectives

Adjective are of many kinds. Adjective are classified as follows :-
(a) Adjectives of Quality :- big, small, hot, cold, honest, foolish, intelligent, wonderful, good, noble
(b) Adjectives of Quantity :- little, enough, all, half, sufficient, no, any, great, whole
(c) Adjectives of Number :- few, some, all, any, one, two, each, every, either, neither
(d) Demonstrative Adjectives :- this, that, those, such
(e) Interogative Adjectives :- what, which, whose
(f) Possessive Adjectives :- my, our, your, his, her, its, their
(g) Exclamatory Adjectives :- What manners !
AAdjectives of Quality (Descriptive Adjectives) :- These adjectives answer the question, ' What kind?' 
For examples 
a. Rohini is a beautiful girl. (Here, the adjective 'beautiful' tells us what kind of a Rohini is )
b. His role in the play is amusing. (Here, the adjective 'amusing' tells us what kind of a role he is playing.)
B.  Adjectives of Quantity :- Adjectives of Quantity (some, few, many, little, less, more, any, much) tell us about a thing or number. They answer the question 'How much?' or 'How many' 
For examples 
a.  Give me some water 
b. There are a few pencils lying in the drawer

CAdjectives of Number :- Adjectives of Number tell us about how many persons or things are meant or in what order a person or thing stands. They are of three kinds :
(i) Definite Numeral Adjectives indicate an exact number
For examples
a. Three cats are sitting there 
b. She is the first women in command.
(ii) Indefinite Numeral Adjectives donot indicate an exact number.
For examples
a. Richa has made some envelopes. 
(iii) Distributive Numeral Adjectives refer to each single person or thing in a group.
For examples

a. Every soldier should be ready to fight for his country.
D. Demonstrative Adjectives :- Demonstrative Adjectives (this, these, that, those) have the same form as demonstrative pronouns and 'point to people or things.'
For examples

a. This painting is made by me.
b. Those colour pencil is not mine.
E. Interrogative Adjectives :- Interrogative adjectives (what, which, whose) ask questions while describing nouns. 
For examples
a. What time does the show begin ?
b. Which book shall you buy ?
F. Possessive Adjectives :- These adjectives, like possessive pronouns, answer the question 'Whose'?
For examples
a. They are our friends.
b. Your papers are on the shelf.
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