Value of Games and Sports

Introduction :- 
"All Work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.".  This is a well know proverb, which emphasis that Games and Sports are also very useful from the point of view of health. After their studies during the day. Students require some rest and recreation in the evening. They refresh them and enable them to regain their lost energy. Games take students into the company of nature, where they breath fresh and pure air. Modern medical research reveals that lack of physical exercise will give room for cronic heart disease. Physical activity is very useful for digestion. In this way games and sports not only refresh the mind, they also improve digestion. Fill the lungs with pure air and make students more active and healthy. Games like chess gives mental exercise.

Advantages :-
1. Important means of recreation :- Sports and Games teach students to work together and encourage corporate discipline. Every game has its own rules and regulations and all have to obey them. Games also teach students to lead a corporate life. They teach them the importance of team work. Each team member have to play not for his own good but for the good of whole team, thus he learn to co-operate with others. Sportsmen are more social and more self - sacrificing than those who have never participated in sports. Beside providing infinte realization, they help to promote good fellowship among people and make them strong in will.

They improve health :- Good health is the first important need for our development. Games and sports are the best physical exercise. They make our body firm and flexible. We are able to work longer after the exercise we get in playing games.

They teach discipline :-  Discipline is of the greatest importane in games and sports. You have to follow very strict rules and obey the captain to the letter. This great sense of discipline becomes an asset in later life.

4. Healthy minds :- It is wrong to think that games and sports are only for the body. They are not. Their impact on mind is equally positive. Playing games needs great mental presence. The players have to take split - second decisions. They have got to have a very alert and active mind. In this way games help in the growth of mind. 

5. United we stand :- Games need uncompromising unity. The players have to play like one man. All are for one and one is for all. A player has to forget himself and work for the team. This is a great lesson in unity. The greater the unity, the greater is the possibility of success.

6. Sportsman spirit :- This is prehaps the greatest boon of games and sports. Good players always have this spirit. Their aim is never victory or defeat. They just want to play well. They donot look upon the other team as enemies. They are happy in victory but not disheartened in defeat.

7. Provide an outlet for the excess energy of youth :-  Games also provide an outlet for the surplus energy of youth. Young people are full of energy, all of which cannot be used in their studies. If no healthy outlet is provided for it, it expresses itself in the form of mischief and undesirable activities. Games and Sports are the best means for the use of this excess energy. Goverment promotes the players in different games and encourage them in giving them different awards of their excellence. Eg ARJUN AWARD, DRONACHARYA AWARDS. Many international games organised to promote the feeling of humanity and patriotism such as Olympic games, Asian games, Afro Asian games. 

Conculsion :-  
It is therefore clear that games and sports have a great value in life. They should be enjoyed only as a means of recreation for a limited time. Excess of everything is bad. And it would be a misuse of games, if they are played at the cost of studies. Thus a game should not become a cut - throat event. Losing a game gvies an opportunity to show real sportsmanship,  grace, dignity and nobility.
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