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Direction Sense Test

Direction Sense Test

Main Directions :
There are four main directions East, West, North, South.
East & West as well as North & South are opposite to each other. Sun always rises in the East and sets in the West.

Four Other Directions :
There are four other directions which lie in between the four main directions.
North-East (N-E)
North West (N-W)
South-East (S-E)
South-West (S-W)

Two Cyclic Directions :

Clockwise Directions : The direction of moving as clock's hand is called clockwise direction.
Anti-clockwise (Counter Clockwise) Directions : The direction of moving opposite to clock's hand is called anti-clockwise or counter clockwise direction.

Note :
1. Angle between two main directions is 900
2. Angle between two sub directions is 900
Angle between main direction and subdirection is 450
time: 0.0165839195