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Blood Relation

Problems on blood relations involve analysis of information showing blood relationship among members of a family. In the questions, as chain of relationship is given in the form of information and on the basis of this information, relation between any two members of the chain is asked. Students are supposed to be familiar with the knowledge of different relationship in a family.
Brother's son Nephew
Brother's daughter Niece
Brother's wife Sister-in-law
Grandfather's son Father or uncle
Grandmother's son Father or uncle
Grandfather's only son Father
Grandmother's only son Father
Grandfather's or Grandmother's only daughter-in-law Mother
Mother's or father's mother Grandmother
Mother's or father's father Grandfather
Mother's or fatehr's son Brother
Mother's or father's daughter Sister
Mother's or father's sister Aunt
Mother's or father's brother Uncle
Son's wife Daughter-in-law
Daughter's husband Son-in-law
Uncle or aunt's son or daughter Cousin
Sister's husband Brother-in-law
Husband's sister Sister-in-law
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